EFFE-On: Escreves como falas - Falas como escreves?

Online corpus of writing and speech of children in the early years of schooling

EFFE-On is a corpus that brings together writing and speech data of children in the early years of schooling. It is based on the project “EFFE - Escreves como Falas - Falas como Escreves?” (Do you write as you speak Do you speak as you write?) which started being developed in 2012 at Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa (CLUL). Data are collected according to systematic methodological procedures and consist in descriptions of images with controlled stimuli. The corpus was created in the ©TEITOK system (Tokenized TEI Environment, Janssen 2014) to be available online.

EFFE-On is designed to be extended in successive stages and aims to provide accessible data to teachers, researchers and therapists and to serve a wide array of studies in different areas, including Education, Linguistics and Language/SpeechTherapy.

At present, the corpus contains children written productions from Lisbon (2nd and 4th grades - 2012 and 2014), Porto (2nd and 4th grades - 2015 and 2017), Chaves (2nd and 4th grades - 2018 anda 2019), Bragança (2nd grade - 2018), Elvas (2nd grade - 2018; 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades - 2019) and Canas de Senhorim (2nd, 3rd and 4th grades - 2019). 

The corpus also includes texts collected in several other schools: Mondim de Basto, Madeira, Vila Nova de Santo André (Alentejo), Barcelos. These texts were produced according to different methodology (pre-given theme), as explained in the Task description. 


The corpus will allow, among other applications:


How to cite EFFE-On

Rodrigues, C., Lourenço-Gomes, M. C., Alves, I., Janssen, M., Gomes, I. L. (2015): EFFE-On - Escreves como falas - Falas como escreves? (Online corpus of writing and speech of children in the early years of schooling), Lisboa: CLUL - 2020: UIDB/00214/.

ISLRN: 716-103-425-482-9. http://teitok.clul.ul.pt/effe

The full reference to EFFE-On shoud be included in all types of work using it as a source of information, including books, papers, conference presentations or posters, evaluation tools or any other products.