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Maarten Janssen, 2014-


1828. Cópia de carta anónima dirigida ao Intendente Geral da Polícia, José Barata Freire de Lima.

Author(s) Anónimo10      
Addressee(s) José Barata Freire de Lima      
In English

Copy of an anonymous denunciation letter sent to José Barata Freire de Lima, Superintendent of the Court and the Kingdom Police.

The author denounces the murderers of Francisco Balhão for political reasons .

The process of Isidro Gonçalves, the owner of a biscuit factory in Lisbon, was the suspect of the murder of a servant of his and, simultaneously, of having dangerous political ideas, is contemporary with the liberal revolution in Portugal, during which liberal insurgents opposed the supporters of absolutism, led by the King D. Miguel. In reaction to this revolt, the forces of the regime persecuted and arrested people on the streets, simply based on common complaints and without further investigation.

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