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1825. Carta anónima, atribuída a Agostinho Peres, criado, galego, para Mariana Bárbara Carvalho e Faria, solteira.

Author(s) Agostinho Peres      
Addressee(s) Mariana Bárbara Carvalho e Faria      
In English

Anonymous extortion letter, allegedly from Agostinho Peres, servant, Galician, to Mariana Bárbara Carvalho e Faria, a single gentlewoman.

A young Galician immigrant who had worked as a servant but had recently been fired was arrested for writing extortion letters to rich ladies living in Lisbon, including his former employer.

Please bless me, Madam.

This has to have an answer. I'm here to ask and demand from you, Mrs. Mariana and Mrs. Isabel Helena, to give me the amount of twenty coins. And if these are delivered, I will repay you the last day of June. And regarding this [letter], you will send an answer by the errand man. And, if you give the answer, you can count on my protection and that of my comrades. Because if you don't answer, Madam, you will feel the consequences, because not even your palace will be spared. And if the errand man will receive it, you don't need to be frightened, Madam, or to fear a thing. So I'm waiting for your answer, Madam, right now, right now, right now.

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Lisboa A 17 d Abril 1825

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