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1786. Carta de José Costa para Agustín de Almarza, presbístero y secretario.

Author(s) José Costa      
Addressee(s) Agustín de Almarza      
In English

Letter from José Costa to Agustín de Almarza, a presbyter and a secretary.

José Costa informs Agustín de Almarza of the inquiry regarding the biological parents of the girl raised by Baudilio Ollé.

In 1785 Lorenzo José Fernández de León contacted the bishop of Barcelona by letter for him to find out about several points contained in certain testamentary document received from an anonymous testator from Caracas. The wish of the aforementioned testator was to leave part of his inheritance to Gertrudis Crespo, a widow resident in Barcelona; and to a girl named Inés who had been given to a foundlings´ hospital of Barcelona in the 1750s. Despite the fact that the information they had was not much, several parish priests from Barcelona and their neighbours provided the information they had regarding the foundling. The connexion between Inés and Isidro, the farmer who fostered the girl, was the most difficult to determine. It was possible to connect the abandoned girl named María Inés with Baudilio Ollé. By stringing the pieces of information, it was deduced that the biological parents were Juan Ventura and Eulalia Puigventós and that Inés had married to a man named Juan Padró. The information was sent to Caracas, however, it remains unknown if the testator´s will was fulfilled.

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Muy sr mio: la muger de Juan Padro llamada Ines, hija exposita del Sto Hospital se crio en casa de Baudilio Olle vecino de Viladecans; me ha dho tenia entendido ser su Padre un tal Juan (tambien exposito de dha casa) viviente habitante en mi su fa de Palleja (si conviene practicare las diligencias, para saber quien es) y su madre una tal Eulalia Puiguentos, que despues caso con Bartholome Monner labrador, todos de dha sufrag, esta es difa. es lo que he aberiguado para satisfacer a la de vmd quedando para servirle en esta de St Vicente dels Horts rogando a Dios ge a Vmd y conserve los ms as le supo a lo 12 de marzo de 1786.

B L M de VMd su sego sdor y capn Dn Jph Costa Pbro Ror Sr Dr Dn Agustin de Almarza



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