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[1809]. Carta de Vicenta López para Nicolasa Centeno.

Autor(es) Vicenta López      
Destinatario(s) Nicolasa Centeno      
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Letter from Vicenta López to Nicolasa Centeno.

The author thanks her friend and protector for what she has done for her and her family after her imprisonment.

A lawsuit was brought against Nicolasa Centeno, who was accused of having had sexual relationships with French officers in exchange for favours, and her mother Margarita Navia, who was accused of having allowed her to do it and how having supported the French army. They presented various letters in order to demonstrate that they had taken advantage of their good relations with the French officers to obtain the release or a better treatment for the Spanish prisoners, claiming, in that way, to have done everything for patriotism. The tribunal ruled in their favour, declaring them good and patriotic Spaniards, and accusing their denouncer of exceeding in his denounces for relations with the French army, and of having accused various innocents.

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Mui Sra mia i de mi maior aprecio despues de mi largo biaje llege a esta i encontre a mi qerida ermana grabemente enferma. estoi detenida sin poder ir a ber a mis amados ijos asta dejarla fuera de peligro. dis s enpeña en faborezerme pero en el dia son mas llebaderos los trabajos; por tener a mi marido libre qu es lo q mas me interesa en el mundo. i en la conpañia d este descarge dios su mano, pus todo lo llebare con gusto, y sienpre publicando qe este bien solo se lo debo a una madre a una mujer jenerosa a una protectora de los infelizes. solo quisiera ser dueña del mundo entero pa

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