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Maarten Janssen, 2014-


[1577]. Carta anónima para Mari Muñoz.

Author(s) Anónimo308      
Addressee(s) Mari Muñoz      
In English

Anonymous letter to Mari Muñoz.

The anonymous author threatens the addressee, Mari Muñoz, telling her about the anger provoked by her testimony against the thieves.

By 1577 a lawsuit was brought against Pedro de las Indias and Pedro del Castillo. They both were weavers, probably, but they enjoyed a bad reputation. They were accused, among other things, of the destruction of several dovecotes in the surroundings of Segovia, of illegal fishing, of the theft of wool from the wash houses, of the theft of bacon, and of rustling. They were accused by various witnesses, and they decided to threaten one of them, named Mari Muñoz, widow of Francisco Peinado, a dyer. The letters were given by the woman to Martín Cañizo, who handed them over to the tribunal. One of the letters was signed by Pedro del Castillo, but the other was anonymous. However, its authorship was attributed to Pedro de las Indias. Both were sentenced to banishment from Segovia, and in the case of noncompliance with the sentence, this would be aggravated with flogging and galleys.

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