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1818. Carta de José Maria Dias, negociante, para Aniceto António, negociante.

Autor(es) José Maria Dias      
Destinatario(s) Aniceto António      
In English

Letter from José Maria Dias, businessman, to Aniceto António, businessman.

José Maria Dias asks a friend of his to visit him, accompanied by his lawyer.

José Luís da Silva accused José Maria Dias and Manuel Martínez de Santa Coloma, Spanish, of having stolen property and revenues from doña Maria, Marquesa de Louriçal, a title which belonged to the first class of royal nobility, but whose profits in the early nineteenth century (all from royal properties) were well below those obtained by other houses. Manuel Martínez de Santa Coloma wrote to José Luís da Silva apologizing and asking him to inform himself better about the case which led to the process.

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