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1672. Carta não autógrafa de Domingas de Araújo para seu cunhado, Manuel de Araújo, padre.

Author(s) Domingas de Araújo      
Addressee(s) Manuel de Araújo      
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Family letter, dictated, from Domingas de Araújo to her brother-in-law.

The author asks her brother-in-law to give her some news and not to forget her and her daughter, since her husband is absent in Brazil.

This letter is included in the process of Domingas de Araújo, accused of bigamy. Her first husband, António de Araújo, had been in Brazil for around 19 years and, in spite of the husband's brother, a priest named Manuel de Araújo, telling her that António had written to him, which proved he was still alive, she alleged that she got no letters from him and that this made her believe he was dead. She also alleged that she only decided to marry again following the pressure of some family members. The second husband was Francisco Afonso, known as "the Nobleman". In the meantime, the first husband returned to Portugal, he forgave her and she went back to live with him. Although the court ended up declaring her innocence, she had to assume all the process expenses.

«Brother-in-law. I hope you are in good health, in the company of my mother-in-law and my brothers-in-law, just as I wish for myself. I'm fine too, and so is my daughter, and we are both at your service. I know you haven't got any news from my husband, but you can see that letter he sent to my brother-in-law and you can know about his health. This way I think you can find some comfort, as I did, since he's not here as I wish he would be. And, since I don't have him, please keep sending me news from you, and from my mother-in-law and brothers-in-law, for you are my only support and I have no one else to rely on. And if you don't wish to remember me, at least remember this girl who lost her father and has no one else but you, and at least don't deprive me from your news, and if you have any news from him let me know, and warn me if Maria de Araújo receives any news from her husband, since she might have a letter for me. And may the Heaven keep you as I wish. Today, 17 May, 1672. From your sister-in-law, Domingas de Araújo»

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