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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1516. Carta de Valentim Fernandes, impressor, para António Fernandes, escrivão.

Author(s) Valentim Fernandes      
Addressee(s) António Fernandes      
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Private letter from Valentim Fernandes, printer, to António Fernandes, actuary of António Carneiro, general secretary of the king D. Manuel I.

The author gives some news about the sell of a slave and her son.

This is one of the letters in the collection "Corpo Cronológico", a documental fund under the custody of the National Archive of Torre do Tombo. It is a collection composed mostly by documentation of judicial and administrative nature, from 1161 to 1696. After the earthquake of 1755 many scattered documents were incorporated in this fund. Just like the name suggests, the main criterion of organization within the Corpo Cronológico is the documents' date.

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