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1673. Carta de Adrián Semming y Juan Bilos, comerciantes, para Domingo de Santa Marina, comerciante.

Author(s) Adrián Semming      
Addressee(s) Domingo de Santa Marina      
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Letter from Adrián Semming and Juan Bilos, both traders, to Domingo de Santa Marina, a trader.

The authors write to Domingo de Santa Marina regarding the commercial transaction of some wool sacks.

This litigation occurred in 1684 between Agustín de Santa Marina, a native to Bilbao (Vizcaya), and his father´s creditors regarding the presentation of accounting books and mail. Domingo de Santa Marina, the defendant´s father was a trader native to Bilbao who passed away before being able to pay several debts. His creditors demanded that the debt had to be paid by his son, Agustín de Santa Marina. The defendant argued that he never took any part in his father´s businesses and presented extensive documentation in order to prove his name did not appear in any of his father´s deals. Among the documents provided to the case there were more than hundred letters addressed to Domingo de Santa Marina from various traders. Seven of those letters have been selected: PS6272 to PS6278. The war mentioned in some of these letters is the Franco-Dutch war or Dutch war (1672-1678).

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