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1556. Carta de Diego de Arévalo, alguacil del Santo Oficio, para el doctor Segovia, abogado.

Author(s) Diego de Arévalo      
Addressee(s) Doctor Segovia      
In English

Letter from Diego de Arévalo, a bailiff of the Holy Office, to Mr Segovia, a lawyer.

The author begs a lawyer to present a request for his lawsuit to be dealt with within the Inquisition Council.

The defendant of this process was Diego de Arévalo, a bailiff of the Holy Office. He was accused of sacrilege, of slander against the Inquisition and of bigamy for having married three times: with Fulana Gabriel, with María de Anzinas and with Luisa López. Eventually, he was sentenced to two years of rowing in the galleys.

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