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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1634. Carta de Juan Piñán Castillo para un destinatario no identificado.

Author(s) Juan Piñán Castillo      
Addressee(s) Anónimo397      
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Letter from Juan Piñán Castillo to an unidentified addressee.

The author informs the addressee that he is staying in San Clemente and gives him information about a future marriage. He also requests the addressee to do some things about his correspondence and his clothes.

In 1636 Pedro Piñán Castillo demanded from the city of San Clemente the payment of earnings relative to the years from 1633 to 1635. The city, in the person of its lawyer, claimed that the money had already been paid, and it had been collected by Sebastián Moreno, a servant of Pedro Piñán Castillo, in 1634 and 1635. However, Pedro Piñán Castillo affirmed that the right of Sebastián Moreno to collect that money had been revoked by Juan Piñán, the son of Pedro Piñán Castillo, in 1634. For that reason, the documents proving that the money had been paid should had been precedent to that date, and, in any case, the money did not arrive to the family of Pedro Piñán Castillo. To prove all this, he presented various documents, which were joined to the proceedings. However, these are incomplete, so we do not know the sentence.

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