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1594. Carta de Juan de Ena, notario, para Sanjuán Montero.

Autor(es) Juan de Ena      
Destinatário(s) Sanjuán Montero      
In English

Letter from Juan de Ena, notary, to Sanjuán Montero.

The author begs Sanjuán Montero to remember well what happened, in order to be able to tell everything when he will have to testify in front of the court.

The accused in this process were three men from Ayerbe (Huesca): Juan de Ena, notary; Bartolomé de Garasa, lord of Lerés (Huesca); and Valerio Andaluz, physician. In 1595 they were accused of theft and homicide by the Inquisition Tribunal of Zaragoza. They had supposedly robbed the house of Juan Barbués, priest and perpetual vicar of Ayerbe (Huesca), and killed his niece and helper, María Aznaréz, who had seen them. Gregorio de Sarasa had been already condemned for these crimes in 1593, and in 1959 he denounced Juan de Ena. However, afterwards Gregorio de Sarasa declared that some people had convinced him to do that. Juan de Ena died in the prison of the Inquisition in Zaragoza in 1596, waiting for the sentence. After few months, Bartolomé de Garasa y Valerio Andaluz were absolved of all the charges.

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