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1617. Carta de Pedro Juste, presbítero y vicario perpetuo, para Gaspar de Urieta, familiar del Santo Oficio y teniente de alcaide.

Autor(es) Pedro Juste      
Destinatario(s) Gaspar de Urieta      
In English

Letter from Pedro Juste, priest and perpetual vicar, to Gaspar de Urieta, familiar of the Inquisition Tribunal and deputy governor.

The author threatens Gaspar de Urieta to assassinate him if he does not resign from the position of deputy governor.

The accused in this process was Pedro Juste, priest and perpetual vicar of Lécera (Zaragoza). In 1618 he was accused by the Inquisition Tribunal of Zaragoza of menacing, because of this letter sent to Gaspar de Urieta, «infanzón» (a low rank of nobility), familiar of the Inquisition Tribunal and deputy governor of Lécera (Zaragoza). Gaspar de Urieta had ordered Pedro Juste to end his common-law marriage with a married woman. Pedro Juste, as a revenge, had ordered Gaspar de Urieta to resign from his position, if he did not want to die. The proceedings are incomplete, so we cannot know if the accused was eventually condemned and which was the sentence.

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