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1649. Carta de María de Olivas Montesinos para su marido Antonio Vélez Manso de la Peña, corregidor.

Author(s) María de Olivas Montesinos      
Addressee(s) Antonio Vélez Manso de la Peña      
In English

Letter from María de Olivas Montesinos to her husband, Antonio Vélez Manso de la Peña, mayor.

The author informs her husband, Antonio Vélez Manso de la Peña, that he had been removed from the position of «Mayordomo», and that her deposition to the Inquisition Tribunal caused some resentment.

The accused in this process was Pedro de Vega de Loaysa, mayor of Mombeltrán (Ávila) and appointed alderman of Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). In 1649 he was accused by the Inquisition Tribunal of blasphemy and of interfering with the judgments of the Inquisition. Pedro de Vega de Loaysa retaliated against whom had testified against him, such as María de Olivas Montesinos and her husband Antonio Vélez Manso de la Peña. The latter could prove this with the letters he was sent by his wife and Juan Ortiz de Carboneros, who had warned him about the intention of the accused. Pedro de Vega de Loaysa was reprehended and condemned to the payment of forty «ducados» and to one year of banishment from Toledo, Madrid and Mombeltrán (Ávila), during which he was forced to join the army in Badajoz, to serve the king.

On the left margin of this letter there are the following notes: «1a» and «Acte».

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