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1579. Carta de Manuel Rebelo, vigário e reitor perpétuo da igreja de Santo André de Rio Douro, para Marcos Brás, clérigo de missa.

Author(s) Manuel Rebelo      
Addressee(s) Marcos Brás      
In English

Private letter from Manuel Rebelo, perpetual vicar and rector of the church of Santo Abdré de Rio Douro, to Marcos Brs, a mass cleric.

The author expresses his surprise for having received a letter with false information.

The defendant in this process is Manuel Rebelo. He was the perpetual vicar and rector of the church of Santo André do Rio Douro, but was elected to go to another rectory. However, another candidate to this office appealed, and, when both vicars were still waiting for a final resolution of the case, Manuel Rebelo refused to abandon his previous office, even when another cleric, Marcos Brás, was proposed to ocupy his place there.

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