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1594. Carta de João de Morais, pseudónimo de Francisco Rodrigues, mercador, para o primo, Rui Lopes Pinto, tratante.

Author(s) Francisco Rodrigues      
Addressee(s) Rui Lopes Pinto      
In English

Instructions letter from João de Morais, alias of Francisco Rodrigues, a merchant, to his cousin Rui Lopes Pinto, a trader.

The author gives instructions on a shipping of sugar that he wants to receive in Seville, brought by his son.

Custódio de Carvalho, a priest with New Christian ancestors, helped a relative of his, Francisco Rodrigues, to hide and escape from the Inquisition persecution. In 1594 Francisco Rodrigues was in Seville, from where he sent to Lisbon the three letters published here, with instructions to his son, to a cousin and to another merchant. The letters were always signed with an alias, that of João de Morais, and were mostly concerned with the sugar trade and with the need to have his son with him, in Seville.

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