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1540. Carta de Rodrigo de Espinosa para Arnao del Plano.

Author(s) Rodrigo de Espinosa      
Addressee(s) Arnao del Plano      
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Letter from Rodrigo de Espinosa to Arnao de Plano.

The author writes Arnao de Plano to inform him that he is going to get married. He also apologises with him for anything that could have offended him, and tells him that he owes him his honour. He also informs him about his business.

In 1543, Arnao de Plano, a merchant from the region of the French Navarre (Bearne), brought a lawsuit against Rodrigo de Espinosa, a merchant from Pamplona very active in the Castilian markets, for the outstanding payment of a debt. In order to demonstrate the existence of the debt, Arnao de Plano presented various letters from Rodrigo de Espinosa, where this talked about the sums of money which he owed to the plaintiff. The analysis of the ledger of Arnao de Plano confirmed the accusation against Rodrigo de Espinosa, who was eventually arrested and condemned to pay 8000 ducats.

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