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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1829. Carta de Ana Matilde da Fonseca Góis para José Paulo Andrade Queirós.

Author(s) Ana Matilde da Fonseca Góis      
Addressee(s) José Paulo Andrade Queirós      
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Letter from Ana Matilde da Fonseca Góis to her brother José Paulo Andrade Queirós.

The author sends her brother his allowance as well as some socks. She tells him that two acquaintances of them both have been arrested.

In 1829 a solicitor was arrested in Lisbon because he announced to a soldier -- a drummer -- that his Regiment was in the imminence of marching to Braga. In order to prove this piece of information, he showed him some subversive leaflets. In his house another manuscript was apprehended, but the accused defended himself saying that he himself had written it in a state of hallucination.

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