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1832. Carta anónima dirigida a um cabo da Guarda Real da Polícia.

Author(s) Anónimo3      
Addressee(s) Anónimo4      
In English

Anonymous letter to a Police Real Guard corporal.

The author denounces a wine warehouse clerk, accusing him of speaking out against the government of Dom Miguel and of having a copy of the constitution charter.

Those were the times of the king Dom Miguel, who developed a vast secret services apparatus and whose repressive methods were much well-known. The persecution practices filled the Lisbon jails with prisoners and many perished there ‒ this was the case of the liberals Pedro Melo Breyner and Manuel Borges Carneiro, among many others. Much more modest was the defendant in this process: the Royal Guard of the Police, after receiving the anonymous letter published here, promptly arrested Manuel Luís Pereira, a wine warehouse clerk. The defendant always claimed his innocence, but nevertheless was condemned to leave Lisbon and retiring to his homeland, Valadares.

«Finding of a Liberal in Travessa da Palha, in a retainment warehouse number 24. For further evidences of truth, he just got out of Limoeiro. And more: as soon as he is arrested, he must be frisked, since he has a constitution charter in his wallet, a letter pretty much against our Government and against religion. As soon as he is arrested, I will reveal my identity, and I will also tell you who this friend is. You will be forced to hand him in to the Commander. He's Manuel Luís Pereira. Lisbon, 6th January 1832»

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da palha Almz de retem No 24
para mais provas de verde ainda a pauco que
Sahiu do limoeiro ainda mais Logo que
Seja prezo Sera Revistado que dentro na
Sua Carteira tera huma Carta de Constuicão
Carta mto mto Contra u nosso governo i contra
A religião.
Logo que este seja
prezo direi eu quem sou amais tambem quem
he u tal amigo
Sera o Sr Cavo da guarda Obrigado a emtregar
Ao Senhor Comandante
he u do Manoel Luis Pera

Lisboa 6 de Janro de 1832

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