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1756. Carta de Ana María Gayán, criada, para Juan José Aranda, cura.

Author(s) Ana María Gayán      
Addressee(s) Juan José Aranda      
In English

Letter from Ana María Gayán to Juan José Aranda, a priest.

The author informs Juan José Aranda that some of her fellow citizens have been interrogated about his case, and gives him information about their declarations.

The defendant of this process was Juan José Aranda, the priest of Mazarulleque (Cuenca). In 1757, he was accused of heretical propositions and heretical actions by the Inquisition of Cuenca, because he claimed that the constant molestation to which he subjected Isabel Villar Abarca, his maid, was not a sin. Juan José Aranda had also maintained illicit relationships with other maids, as Ana María Gayán and Manuela Palomino. Actually, it had been the pregnancy of Manuela Palomino that had triggered the whole process, because the priest was suspected to be responsible for that. The inquisitors then ordered the imprisonment of Juan José Aranda and the seizure of his properties. All the letters he had in his house were confiscated and joined to the proceedings as a proof. Eventually, the defendant was forced to abjure de levi, and he was sentenced to two years of confinement in a convent and to three years of banishment, at a minimum distance of eight leagues from Chinchilla (Albacete), Mazarulleque (Cuenca), and Madrid.

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usted con el gusto q usted puede conside
rar alegrandome mucho q usted llegase
bueno y q usted fuese bien recibido, y e s
timado mucho los recados del padre luna
que me alegro q este bueno nosotros estamos
buenos a dios gracias. Conq asi no ai ms q
tener balor q los q andan en esto ya se a
cordaran lo abran detenido a usted porq
ai audiencia tomando decraraciones a todo
el lugar en casa del señor palacios. y todos
dicen q el cirujano es el motibo de todo
q el a sido el q a dado cuenta a cuenca
y el es q ba a scribir tanbien pero el la
pagara q no se a de yr rriendo al otro mun
do del otro echo. por eso lo abran detenido
a usted. todos son en nuestro fabor. el
q usted dice q enbiaran a decir que don
de estaba es q estaba en madridegos
como se llamaba aquel fraile q es de ma

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