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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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[1824]. Carta de Joaquim de Mira, lavrador, dirigida a um anónimo, presumivelmente Hermenegildo José, autor de cartas de extorsão.

Author(s) Joaquim de Mira      
Addressee(s) Hermenegildo José      
In English

Private letter from Joaquim de Mira, farmer, to an anonymous who had sent extortion letters to him.

The author replies to the second letter of extortion, excusing himself for not observing all the orders previously given to him by the recipient.

In the first quarter of the 19th century, extortion letters became a very typical practice. Authors threatened rich addressees with all sorts of ruinous events in the case they didn't hand in a certain amount of money. The frequentness of this practice was possible also because of the political and social turmoil associated with these first years of Liberalism.

My friend.

I will be very pleased to know that these few lines will find you in good health.

I've received two letters from you, but when I received the first one, Saturday had already passed, because Xelrrito spent the night here, on his way to Alcácer, and when he left, he found it (the letter) under the door and put it in his pocket. And he felt curious on the way and he couldn't keep a secret and told it to whoever he felt like it [...]. Moreover, I asked him to keep it a secret and, if you don't believe me, ask Xelrrito whether this is true. Sir, as far as the 4 coins you asked me are concerned, I couldn't get them because I had bought 30 bushels of rye a few days ago and I have run out of money. Sir, I'm sending you a gold coin because I borrowed 4 coins from some friends but all they have lent me is this coin I'm sending you. And I also send you a bushel and a half of flour, because that was all I had at home. Furthermore, I also send you some bread and meat. I would like to know whether it satisfies you.

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Sentence s-3 Snr ca reçevi duas cartas suas mas a primeira quando a rreçevi Ja tinha paçado o dia de sabado porque veio ca dromir o xelrrito que hia pa alcasere e quando sahio achoua a dita carta a porta e meteua pa algeveira
Sentence s-4 e teve a corgidade no caminho e teve tanto segredo que o dise qm quis
Sentence s-5 em e mais eu pedilhe segredo
Sentence s-6 e se Vmce não da creto mande proguntar o xelrrito se isto he verdade
Sentence s-7 Snr a rrespeito das 4 moedas que me mandou pedir eu não as pude arrenyar porque avia poucos dias q tinha comprado 30 alqueires de senteio e fiquei sem rrial
Sentence s-8 Snr ahi lhe mando huma moeda de ouro porque eu ocupei humsos amigos pa me emprestar as 4 moedas e não me emprestaro senão esa que hi vai
Sentence s-9 i hi vai alqueire i meio de farinha porque não via mais em caza
Sentence s-10 do mais hi vai pam e carne
Sentence s-11 dezeyava a dezeyava a saver se ficava satisfeito

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