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[1832]. Carta não autógrafa, de autor não identificado, para um militar.

Author(s) Anónima1      
Addressee(s) Anónimo13      
In English

Anonymous letter, probably written by Angélica Maria, dictated by an anonymous woman and sent to a military.

Illustrious Sir, It has been fifteen since I last saw you. May God allow that this is not due to disease. But I’ve been asking. They always reply that you're fine. I even asked to the standard-bearer in your regiment. He told me his name and land because he was settled in the bottom floor of my house and came here one night. Since I care for you deep in my soul, not a minute goes by without remembering your ingratitude. I ignore the motif, but I have no answer. This is the last one, but I’m always praying that you show up twice a day to bring relief to the one who loves you dearly and wishes to see you. Farewell, ungrateful! I’m still the same.

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Sentence s-2 ja fas hoje quinze que o não vejo
Sentence s-3 Deos promita não seja por cauza de moLestia
Sentence s-4 mas eu tenho preguntado
Sentence s-5 sempre me dizem està bom
Sentence s-6 ate o porta Bandeira do seu Rigimento preguntei
Sentence s-7 eLLe me dise o seu nome e a tera porque eLLe estava de CuarteL nos meus baxos e veio huma noite a esta Caza
Sentence s-9 eu Sem Saber o motivo mas não tendo resposta
Sentence s-10 esta he a uLtima mas sempre rogandolhe que aparesa duas vezes no dia a dar aLivio a esta que deveras o estima o dezeja ver

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