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[1679]. Carta de Mariana de Anguiano para Juan Ibáñez.

Autor(es) Mariana de Anguiano      
Destinatario(s) Juan Ibáñez      
In English

Letter from Mariana de Anguiano to Juan Ibáñez.

The author apologises with Juan Ibáñez for the problems she causes him and informs him about the lawsuit they both are involved in.

In 1679, Mariana Martínez de León y Anguiano and her daughter, Baltasara de Lezcano, brought a lawsuit against Juan Ibáñez, executor of the testament of Francisco Martínez de León, cousin of Mariana de Anguiano. The two women claimed that he had not paid them part of the testamentary legacies. The economic situation of the farm of Francisco Martínez had made these payments difficult, but the tribunal ruled against the executors, obliging them to pay the sum of money they owed to the two women, which was of 1300 'ducados de vellón'. This letter was presented to the tribunal by the lawyers of Juan Ibáñez, together with the testimony of the economic help he had given to Mariana de Anguiano, and with documents which proved that he had already partially paid what he owed her (400 ducados) to her husband, a scribe named Sebastián Lestial. But it was not enough for him to win the lawsuit.

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