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1691. Carta de Francisco Pavón, asistente del embajador, para su hermana Gabriela Pavón.

Author(s) Francisco Pavón      
Addressee(s) Gabriela Pavón      
In English

Letter from Francisco Pavón, an assistant to the Ambassador, to his sister Gabriela Pavón.

The author informs his sister of the payment of certain amount of money for her livelihood ordered by Pedro Ronquillo Briceño. He also lets her know he is soon coming back to Spain.

Pedro Ronquillo Briceño passed away in London on August the 7th 1691 while he was the Ambassador Extraordinary for the Catholic King. A few years later, in 1704, Francisco Ronquillo, Pedro´s brother and main heir, took part in a litigation with some creditors following a claim for the payment of certain debts. The testamentary was Diego de Santiyán, who was asked to present the accounts he had managed for the deceased Ambassador. Indeed, Santiyán was given access to those accounts by power of attorney. Therefore, the aforementioned accounts were attached to the proceeding documentation, as well as letters and payment orders to several servants and private individuals.

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Sentence s-4 y para prueba de esto, y de lo que me Intereso en quanto te toca te aviso como mi Amo da oy orden a Don Diego de Santiyan para que te socorra con la misma porcion q a Dona Beatriz q aunque es Corta spre sera de algun alivio hasta que Dios quiera llevarnos a españa, que sin duda sera para todo el mes de Agosto pues Ya mi Amo tiene licencia del Rey para q Vaya a Madrid y su exa queda tratando de su Viaje,
Sentence s-5 entretanto q tengo la dha de abrazarte personalmte te supco me avises como lo pasan mis sobrinos si estan buenos y en que se exerci-tan

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