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[1826]. Carta de Agostinho Figueira, oficial comissariado em Estremoz, para João António dos Santos.

Autor(es) Agostinho Figueira      
Destinatario(s) João António dos Santos      
In English

Letter in code from Agostinho Figueira, comissioner officer in Estremoz, to João António dos Santos.

After D. João VI died (April 1826), D. Pedro approved a Constitution that was opposed by many rebels, and there was a growing political and military turmoil: several rebellions took place in different parts of the country and a group of Spaniards even took action in Alentejo, with support from local Portuguese inhabitants. The expression «Spanish rebels» refers to these men that took action against the new law. In these proceedings, Agostinho Figueira, one Portuguese local, was accused of supporting these «Spanish rebels», together with two other Portuguese military. In the letters they wrote to each other, they used pseudonyms and a disguised calligraphy.

Illustrious Mr. João António dos Santos.

The pistols and the black vest are missing in this letter's consignment. Everything else is being sent.

Your venerator and servant,


8th October

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Illmo Sr João Anto dos Stos
Falta pa a Remessa da carta incluza as pistolas, e o colete preto
tudo mais vai
Seu Vor e Servo Eu 8 de 8tbro

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