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[1660-1670]. Carta de un autor no identificado para Ana López (La Larga), hilandera.

Author(s) Anónimo278      
Addressee(s) Ana López      
In English

Letter from an unidentified author to Ana López (La Larga), a spinner.

An anonymous author writes Ana López to tell her that the medicine she gave his brother has not had any effect, and that his brother is dying. He asks for her help in order to amend the error.

Ana López, nicknamed La Larga, was a stockinger and spinner from Daimiel. In 1663, she was accused of being a healer and of doing spells. In particular, she was accused of doing love spells, spells to find animals who have been lost, and to heal people. This letters were seized from the accused when she was arrested, and in them many spells made by Ana López are mentioned, many of which had not had any effect or had been problematic. The letters were used as a proof to accuse her. During the interrogation, she declared that she was illiterate and she could only prepare certain medicines to heal certain sicknesses, and that what she did was not sorcery or witchcraft. Eventually, she was sentenced to six years of banishment and reprehended. Moreover, all her properties were seized.

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Text: -

A ana lopez
que vmd goce salud e nos alegraremos todos.
el emfermo no tiene mejoria nenguna como vmd dixo la tendria
se hico lo que vmd mando de ayudas. y lo demas.
resumidamente vea buesa merced. lo que ace porqu esta mas para morir que para biber
que nos embie claramente lo que hubiere que a eso. ba mi ermano,
los pies y manos. se le an inchado
señora nos an desconsolado que nos an dicho que fue ydropasia y qu estan todos culpando que por confiarnos de vmd se muere
por amor de dios si lo alcanca aga la dilixencia como be qu es menester
no iremos al doctor asta ber la resolucion
en quanto a la comida nos diga que ara daño
alguna calentura tiene. qu es lo peor
dios gde a buesa merced

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