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1824. Carta de Manuel Isidro da Paz, major de milícias de Setúbal, para Cândido de Almeida Sandoval, publicista.

Autor(es) Manuel Isidro da Paz      
Destinatario(s) Cândido de Almeida Sandoval      
In English

The General Superintendant of the Portuguese Police was alerted by an anonymous tip that in the jail of Limoeiro, in Lisbon, several prisoners were preparing a conspiracy against the absolutist government, which included the assassination of some of its ministers. The case was investigated and the resulting proceedings are very confusing, full of mutual denunciations and accusations, typical of the political uncertainty that characterized the fall of the 'Vintismo' (the liberal period) in 1823 and the approval of the Constitutional Chart in 1826. One of the suspects was Cândido de Almeida Sandoval, a publicist that was both the target and the source of several accusations.

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Palmella 1 de Agto 1824

Recebo a tua Carta de 27 de Julho escrita do Limoeiro, q bem me consternou e Azedou ao mmo tempo; mal pensava eu, que o Candido do Gal e de Palmella, o armonico Candido, o Candido companheiro dos meos eroticos, e saudozos transportes da mocidade, mudasse de indole, abandonando as bellas illuzoes, que nessa epoca nos encantavão, pa se entregar á fatuidade de maniaco regenerador do genero humano. basta es desgraçado, se a tua sorte mudar deixo pa então as minhas reprimendas. Eu tenho amdado

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