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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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[1750-1760]. Carta entre participantes no identificados.

Autor(es) Anónimo131      
Destinatario(s) Anónimo132      
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Complaint letter between two unidentified participants.

The author seems to be on a supervising mission for the addressee, inspecting the tobacco trading in the place from which he sends his letter. He complains about the extortions perpetrated by soldiers and about the incompetence and the low morals of third parties. He gives account of the tobacco selling business, so we learn here that in a (non specified) village of 1,200 souls, it was not possible to attain, in the mid-eighteenth century, the selling of 400 pounds of tobacco. He describes the ledgers that he prepared for the tobacco trade, with entries for young clients, elderly ones, priests and monks. He also tells that he authorized the local seller's wife to take from the counter 4 "reales vellón" for their daily support, seen that the essential goods had become very cheap.

The defendant in this case was José Garón, a French soldier accused of freemasonry by the Cuenca Inquisition, but later acquitted. This letter was filed among his proceedings probably because it mentions the extortions perpetrated by soldiers.

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Amigo y sr mio. Las cinco son dadas de la tarde y no dan cartas en la estafeta, conq si en la de Vmd hubiera cosa especial se añadira de postada, y de no me extendere el correo sigte

Ya dige a Vmd q los soldados de la Alavarda iban y bolvian a su casa y con especialidad los Ministros del fraile, anoche pues por quitar de tanto sobresalto a esta pobre señora q en forma de roncas le pedian dinro o prenda, y no sabia q hazer ni responder la entrego la mia un doblon para aquietarlos, y lo mismo se hara

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