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1782. Carta de María Antonia Gimbernat para Leonardo Galli.

Autor(es) Maria Antonia Gimbernat      
Destinatário(s) Leonardo Galli      
In English

Love letter from María Antonia Gimbernat to Leonardo Galli.

The author informs the recipient that she had received his letter, and explains how her father had interrupted his financial support to her, in his efforts to separate the pair.

María Antonia Gimbernat, daughter of Don Antonio Gimbernat, honorary surgeon, had promised Leonardo Galli, surgeon of the Royal Spanish Guards, that she would marry him. Her father, however, opposed the realization of that union. She finally gave in to family pressure and returned to the family home. At that time, Leonardo Galli demanded the fulfillment of her word, and to prove the link between them presented eleven letters written between April 3 and June 6, 1782. In these letters the intentions between the couple are quite clear, as well as her determination to marry him. During the process, María Antonia tried to deny the letters and, since she could not prove she did not write them, she stated that she had been entrapped to do so.

«Madrid, April 12th, 82

My dear beloved Leonardo,

I received yours with great satisfaction and I was pleased you enjoy perfect health, as I do. I was told the priest won’t present the 4 letters to the judge, as father San Felipe had told me. The inspector advised him not to. For now, there is no news. My father hasn’t tried any scheme so far. If things go on like this, which would be great, don Jorge, who I see daily, told me that during this month or beginning of the next, they would be done with us. May this be God’s will. As long as father doesn’t come up with another scheme, there is no need to present that document on the day before going to that place. I know he told this house’s servant not to give me anything of shoes or clothing. Look how my father wishes me well, wanting me to walk naked and barefoot. He also said that if he saw me naked in the middle of the street he wouldn’t give me a thing. And he wants me to go back to his house as if I were single. Poor me! I would rather die first! Things will end well for us, as I have told the confessor, and he answered me that things would end better for my father. Everyone is doing their part because, as they are entering the palace, they think that it is a great asset, but let them talk. Our purpose is good and, no matter what they do, they cannot spoil it. Your friends in Barcelona will tell you a lot of things. Don’t take them seriously. My uncle may call you and tell you many things, but don’t worry about anything. My dear Leonardo, I cannot explain how much I want you. I can only tell you that, once we are living together, you will experience the love I have for you and the whole world will see the harm my father does by wanting to separate two wills than can only be separated by God. And there will be no worries, because we don’t want them, and with God’s help, we will celebrate God’s fair desire.

The one who wants you very much and always will, your wife, María Antonia Gimbernat

My beloved husband Leonardo Galli»

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Madrid Abril 12 de 82

Mi querido amado Leonardo he recivido la tuya con mucho gusto alegrandomeme gozes perfecta salud la que igualmente gozogs he savido que padra no presentera las 4 cartas al Jues como me dijo a mi el padra de sn felipe que las presentaria se que el fiscal le ha aconsejado que no por ahora na ay ninguna novedad mi padra no ha intentado ningun enredo si continua

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