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1833. Carta de Eugenio Rodríguez Lorente, corregidor, para Santiago Mariano Escalante, cura.

Author(s) Eugenio Rodríguez Lorente      
Addressee(s) Santiago Mariano Escalante      
In English

Private letter from Eugenio Rodríguez Lorente, corregidor, to Santiago Mariano Escalante, priest

«Villamañán, 12th July 1833

Sir Don Santiago Mariano Escalante

My very dear sir and venerated landlord,

In response to your letter, received in this last mail, and in which you ask me if Don Antonio Martínez, an officer who was a carabineer, was here, I tell you that since the beginning of April I have been in charge of this jurisdiction, living in this village, and currently there is here a Don Antonio Martínez, the referred officer who was a carabineer. And I am convinced that he is the one you ask for. This is all this servant who kisses your hand can tell you.

Eugenio Rodríguez Lorente»

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Villamañan Julio 12 de 1833 Sr Dn Santiago Mariano Escalante

Muy Sr mio y venerado Dueño, en contestacion a la de u rezivida en este ultimo correo, pr la qe me pregunta si esiste en esta Dn Antonio Mrez oficial qe ha sido de carabineros, digo qe desde principios de Abril que me hallo regentando esta Jurisdicion conosco domiciliado en esta villa, y lo está actualmte un dn Anto-nio Mrez, tal oficial qe ha sido de carabineros, y me persuado sera pr el qe u pregunta. Es cuanto puede informar a u este su serbidor Q S M Besa

Eugenio Rodz Lorente



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