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1706. Carta de Afonso Francisco Furtado de Castro do Rio e Mendonça para Luís José de Vasconcelos e Azevedo.

Author(s) Afonso Francisco Furtado de Castro do Rio e Mendonça      
Addressee(s) Luís José de Vasconcelos e Azevedo      
In English

After the liberal revolution in Portugal, the state centralized the Art education by merging the teaching of Fine Arts and of Mechanic Arts. The Lisbon National Academy of Fine Arts was founded in this context in 1836 and was inaugurated in the following year. It occupied the building of the extinct Monastery of São Francisco, where a library of thousands of volumes was also available. Although its history was obviously made of changes, the Academy maintained a strong cultural, pedagogical and honorific vocation. Besides forming new artists, the Academy always gave scholarships and prizes and saw to the publication of reference works.

The documentation that we publish from its archival funds belong to a donation made in 1902 by António TomásPires (1850-1913), an ethnographer, writer, politician, and member of the National Monuments committee. He assembled documents from the 16th to the 19th century, among which many private and family letters.

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Meu amo e sr agora, q tenho portador seguro, não quero deixar de mostrar a VSa que não são bastantes as distancias pa escurecer hüa amize tão Leal como a minha, pa o q lhe faço estas regras, e pa queixarme, ou do meu pouco prestimo, ou da minha pouca fortuna; pois sendo tanta a vontade, que tenho de servir a VSa me não tem dado ocazioens em q o faça, pessolhe mas não negue; porq ninguém, como eu, dezia darlhe gosto em tudo

Deos gde a VSa ms ans Elvas 12 de Dezembro de 1706

Fiel Ao e capto de Vsa Affo Frco Furto de Castro do Ryo e Mca Sr Luis Jozeph de Vascos



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