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1723. Carta de Mariana Francisca dos Santos para Maria Ferreira Guedes.

Author(s) Mariana Francisca Santos      
Addressee(s) Maria Ferreira Guedes      
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Friendship letter from Mariana Francisca dos Santos to Maria Ferreira Guedes, a barber's wife.

The author reafirms her friendship and loyalty to the addressee, who has been accused by the Inquisition.

Maria Ferreira Guedes was accused of witchcraft by the Inquisition because she had learned to prepare a medicine from a poisonous plant, the flax-leaved daphne. She said that she did the cures with no ill intention and gave herself to the Inquisition before her neighbours would accused her. She was sentenced to two years of exile, from Oporto, where she lived, to Lamego.

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