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1648. Carta de Alonso Ruiz de Rivera para Miguel Benito.

Author(s) Alonso Ruiz de Rivera      
Addressee(s) Miguel Benito      
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Letter from Alonso Ruiz de Rivera to Miguel Benito.

Alonso Ruiz de Rivera writes to Miguel Benito to inform him about the charges against his cousin, the details of the trial and to ask him for help.

Diego Ruiz the Rivera was accused of heresy and condemned for this reason. Specifically, he was accused of asserting that he did not believe God was omnipresent, neither the existence of the Virgin and he denied the sacrament of the Holy Matrimony. He declared the aforementioned statements in the presence of Pedro Ruiz and Andrés del Cerro, his cousin. Both the sender and the addressee were witnesses during the trial and declared in favour of the defendant. Alonso Ruiz the Rivera was a defendant´s cousin.

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