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Maarten Janssen, 2014-

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1549. Tradução de carta familiar de Estêvão de Torres, joalheiro e lapidário francês, para a mulher, Ana, "A Castelhana".

Autor(es) Estêvão de Torres      
Destinatario(s) Ana, "A Castelhana"      
In English

Instructions letter sent from Estêvão de Torres, jeweler and stone cutter, to his wife, Ana the Castilian.

The author tells his wife how to proceed so that the testimony he gave in the Inquisition on the details of his escape from prison will not be contradicted by the testimony of other parties.

There are three letters in French and their Portuguese translations in the Inquisition proceedings against Estêvão Torres, a French jeweler and stone cutter from Tours. He himself dictated the translations to the notary when he was interrogated. Estêvão Torres was living in Portugal for ten years when in 1549 he was arrested under the accusations of eating meat during Lent and other forbidden days and of having a heretical discourse. He escaped with other prisoners and went free for two days because he traded a box for a cape from a Castilian he met. He was then rearrested. From prison, he wrote these three letters to Ana his Castilian wife: PSCR1149, PSCR1150, PSCR1151.

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