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[1562]. Carta de Rodrigo de Pareja, criado, para Isabel de Cañizares.

Autor(es) Rodrigo de Pareja      
Destinatario(s) Isabel de Cañizares      
In English

Family letter from Rodrigo de Pareja, servant, to Isabel de Cañizares.

The author replies to Isabel de Cañizares, who has not accepted his marriage proposal.

The defendant in this process is Rodrigo de Pareja, servant of the Marquis of Cañete. He was accused of the crime of polygamy for having married three times: first with a young woman from Rozalén del Monte (Cuenca); later, in 1562, with Isabel de Cañizares; and finally, in 1563, with Ana de Nájera. The letters he wrote to Isabel Cañizares were handed up to the Inquisition by the recipient herself, as proof of the marriage between them. The process is not complete, so it is unknown whether the defendant was eventually convicted and which sentence was imposed on him.

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