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[1568]. Carta no autógrafa de Andrés de Cepeda Negrete, calcetero y soldado, para Alonso de Narváez, platero de oro.

Author(s) Andrés de Cepeda Negrete      
Addressee(s) Alonso de Narváez      
In English

Letter from Andrés de Cepeda Negrete, a stockinger and soldier, to Alonso de Narváez, a goldsmith.

The author asks Alonso de Narváez to present a request to the Council of the Inquisition to convince them to listen again to the declaration of the witnesses and to not sentence him to rowing in the galleys until he will be able to demonstrate that the accusations made against him are false.

The defendant of this process was Andrés Cepeda Negrete, a stockinger and soldier. In 1566, he was accused of the crime of bigamy by the Inquisition of Toledo for having married twice: first with Constanza de Esquivel in Malaga, in 1552, and then with Isabel Álvarez in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) in 1563. Eventually, he was forced to abjure de levi in a public auto de fé, and sentenced to eight years of rowing in the galleys. In 1570, he was accused again for the breach of the sentence, and he was sentenced to ten years of exile, rowing in the galleys.

The letters that Andrés de Cepeda Negrete wrote to Isabel Álvarez were handed over to the Holy Office by the addressee, who was afraid of her husband's threats, as a proof that he was in Granada, free.

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