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[1566]. Carta de Juan de Mendoza, pseudónimo de Juan de Segura, tejedor de terciopelo, para su esposa Inés Hernández.

Autor(es) Juan de Segura      
Destinatario(s) Inés Hernández      
In English

Letter from Juan de Mendoza, pseudonym of Juan de Segura, a velvet weaver, to his wife Inés Hernández.

The author begs his wife, Inés Hernández, that she go back to live with him, and gives her instructions about the travel preparations.

The defendant of this process was Juan de Segura, a velvet weaver. In 1565 he was accused of the crime of bigamy by the Inquisition tribunal of Toledo for having married twice: firstly, with Isabel Álvarez, around 1550, and then, in 1563m with Inés Hernández. When he learned that the Holy Office was looking for him, he fled from Toledo and went to Madridejos (Toledo), where he wrote this letter using the pseudonym of Juan de Mendoza. Finally, he was arrested and sentenced to abjure de levi in a public auto de fé and to a period of two years of banishment from Toledo. On the page 35v there is the deposition of a man who had seen Juan de Segura while he was running away, and had denounced him.

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