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1792. Carta de Juan de Santiago y Poncela para su mujer, Manuela Aguiar.

Author(s) Juan de Santiago y Poncela      
Addressee(s) Manuela Aguiar      
In English

Letter from Juan de Santiago y Poncela to his wife, Manuela Aguiar.

Juan de Santiago reproaches his wife for the misundersanding that brought her to accuse a certain Lago to interfere with their marriage. He also tells her that his new job in a printing house is going very well.

In 1792, Juan Manuel de Santiago y Poncela reported to the authorities the breaking and entering of the house of Antonio Gutiérrez, priest and honorary chaplain of the cathedral of Valladolid, where Juan de Santiago lived with his family in some rented rooms. The burglar had stolen a sum of 5000 or 6000 reales. The inquirers searched all the house, and seized three letters that were among the clothes of Manuela Aguiar, the wife of Juan de Santiago, and that were joined to the proceedings. The principal suspect was a nephew of Antonio Gutiérrez named Zoilo Álvarez, but the authorities did not find any evidence which could solve the case. Eventually, the money was returned by an anonym person. The tribunal sentenced Zoilo Álvarez to the payment of the costs and gave a warning to Juan Manuel de Santiago and to a maid named Paula for having facilitated the breaking and entering.

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