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[1783]. Carta de Manuel Hidalgo Bolaños para su padre Mateo Hidalgo, abogado.

Author(s) Manuel Hidalgo Bolaños      
Addressee(s) Mateo Hidalgo      
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Letter from Manuel Hidalgo Bolaños to his father Mateo Hidalgo, lawyer.

The author asks the permission of his father to marry a sister of Alonso de Salamanca, and asks for information about her family.

In 1783, Manuel Hidalgo Bolaños was imprisoned in the archbishop's jail, in Madrid. He was accused by his father, Mateo Hidalgo, of having married Francisca de Aranceta without his permission. One year before, because of his persistence in his desire to marry Francisca de Aranceta, his father had forced Manuel Hidalgo to leave the city of Madrid to go to live in Fuente del Maestre, with some relatives. While he was living there, Manuel Hidalgo planned another unsuitable marriage, in order to convince his father to send a written permission for him to leave that town and return to the capital. To this end he wrote several letters to his father, that were presented during the process as evidence of the plot of Manuel. Despite the efforts of Mateo Hidalgo, the council ended up ruling in favour of Manuel Hidalgo and declaring valid his marriage with Francisca Aranceta.

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