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1736. Carta de Antonia Gutiérrez para su hijo, Agustín Pacheco, barbero y cirujano.

Autor(es) Antonia Gutiérrez      
Destinatario(s) Agustín Pacheco      
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Letter from Antonia Gutiérrez to his son, Agustín Pacheco, barber and surgeon.

The author offers his son Agustín Pacheco help and advice. It also informs him about the heavy rains which have fallen.

The defendant in this process for bigamy was Agustín Pacheco, a barber, surgeon and valet from Tordesillas (Valladolid) and resident in Seville. Agustín Pacheco had married for the first time in Barcelona with Raimunda Tomás and a second time in Seville with Rosalía Ramírez. In order to be able to get married the second time, he claimed that his first wife had died and paid two witnesses to swear that he was single. Agustín Pacheco sought authorization to be absent for six months and never appeared again, so the process remained incomplete. The informer was his second wife, Rosalía Ramírez, who handed over to the tribunal the letters written by Antonia Gutiérrez (PS6001), mother of the accused, and by María Pacheco (PS6002), sister of the accused.

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