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1647. Carta de Catalina Ramírez para su hijo Alonso Martín Montano, sacador de agua para riegos.

Autor(es) Catalina Ramírez      
Destinatario(s) Alonso Martín Montano      
In English

Letter from Catalina Ramírez to his son Alonso Martín Montano, extractor of water for irrigation.

The author informs his son, Alonso Martín Montano, about the latest news from relatives and friends.

The defendant of this process was Alonso Martín Montano, from Alcoronel (Seville) and resident in Pátzquaro (Mexico). Martín Alonso voluntarily accused himself of the crime of bigamy, for having married twice: firstly, with Isabel del Castillo in Seville, and then with Águeda Velázquez in Pátzquaro. From a letter written by his mother, the defendant thought he understood that his first wife had died, and so contracted a second marriage. Later, from another letter, he was informed that his first wife was alive. In the letter here transcribed, Catalina Ramírez, mother of the defendant, confirmed that his first wife had died.

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