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1816. Carta de Bernabea Robles para Miguel Díaz, oficial de zapatero.

Author(s) Bernabea Robles      
Addressee(s) Miguel Díaz      
In English

Letter from Bernabea Robles to Miguel Díaz, a shoemaker apprentice.

The author expresses to Miguel Díaz how much she misses him and gives news about her pregnancy.

Following an accusation for the theft of a cloak, a vest and other items in Burgos; a prosecutor started a litigation against Miguel Díaz, a shoemaker native to Madrid. Manuel Pacheco met a man by the name of Miguel Díaz in Burgo´s Plaza Mayor. He helped him to look for a job in a workshop, sheltered and fed him for a month. One Sunday, Miguel Díaz asked Manuel Pacheco for a cloak, a pair of trousers, a shirt, a vest and a pair of shoes to go to mass and he never came back. Manuel Pacheco tried to find out Miguel Díaz´s whereabouts in order to reclaim his belongings. To this effect, and having evidences he had gone to Valladolid, Manuel Pacheco asked José Fernández to write to his brother, who lived in Valladolid, to try to find out if Miguel Díaz was there, as he happened to be. On the other hand, Manuel Pacheco wrote a letter to Juan Fernández in which he described the stolen clothes. These two letters (PS6262 and PS6263) were provided to the process´ documentation by Juan Fernández. Eventually, three other letters that Miguel Díaz left behind were also included (PS6264 to PS6266). Manuel Pacheco found the aforementioned letters and handed them to the process´ documentation «in the event it was necessary». The aforementioned three letters were written by Bernabea Robles, Miguel Díaz´s lover who was married to a military officer named Gregorio. Bernabea became pregnant as a result of that relationship.

Miguel Díaz was sentenced to two years of community work in Zamora, to return the clothes and to pay the expenses of the trial.

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