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[1789]. Carta de Vicente Fernández, labrador, para Marcelina Díaz de Cuesta.

Autor(es) Vicente Fernández      
Destinatario(s) Marcelina Díaz de Cuesta      
In English

Letter from Vicente Fernández, a farmer, to Marcelina Díaz de Cuesta.

The author writes her lover to inform her of the worsening of the health of his uncle, and to tell her that he still does not know how anything about his future situation.

Marcelina Díaz de Cuesta, represented by his father, brought a lawsuit against Vicente Fernández, nephew of the employer of the girl, demanding from him to marry her, because they had had an intimate relationship and because she was pregnant. During the process a jurisdictional conflict emerged, which was resolved by the chancellery of Valladolid. The proceedings are incomplete, so we do not know which was the final sentence.

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