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1542. Carta no autógrafa de Juan Salvador, carpintero de ribera, para su esposa Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera.

Author(s) Juan Salvador      
Addressee(s) Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera      
In English

Letter dictated by Juan Salvador, shipwright, and sent to his wife, Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera.

The author asks his wife Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera not to forget to send him letters, and requests her to recover the belongings he left in Messina (Sicily).

The accused in this process was Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera, from Barcelona. In 1540 she was accused of bigamy by the Inquisition Tribunal of Barcelona. Her first husband, Juan Salvador, shipwright, went to North Africa in 1533, where he was captured by berber pirates who took him to Costantinople. Rafaela Provenzala de Malibera received the news that her husband had died, and afterwards she married Joan Montserrat, sailor. The letters Juan Salvador sent her wife were joined to the proceedings as a proof that he was still alive. Eventually, she was condemned to abjure «de levi» and to pay twenty golden ducados.

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