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1648. Carta de Pedro de Velasco, tesorero de las alcabalas, para Gabriel Díaz Flores, médico.

Author(s) Pedro de Velasco      
Addressee(s) Gabriel Díaz Flores      
In English

Letter from Pedro de Velasco, tax treasurer, to Gabriel Díaz Flores, physician.

The author warns Gabriel Díaz Flores that, if he does not send the money collected from taxes, he will be forced to pay the debt with his possessions.

The accused in this process was Gabriel Díaz Flores, physician of Santa Olalla (Toledo). In 1649 he was accused by the Inquisition Tribunal of Toledo of abetment and interfering with the visit of the tribunal in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) and surroundings. Gabriel Díaz Flores had asked to the secretary of the Inquisition Tribunal if this had received testimonies against any member of the family of Manoel Rodrigues Dias, because the latter was afraid that one of his servant had denounced him and his family for judaizing. The accused had this letter with him at the moment of the arrest. The letter was joined to the proceedings as a proof, in order to look for signs of Judaism in it. Eventually, Gabriel Díaz Flores was condemned to three years of banishment, in which he had to stay at a minimum distance of twelve leagues from Madrid, Toledo, Santa Olalla (Toledo) and Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), and to the payment of three hundreds «ducados».

In the upper left margin of this letter there are the first six letters of the Hebraic alphabet, along with a word in Latin: «Alef (disciplina); Bet (domus); Gimel (camelus); Dalet (porta); He (vermis); Vav (ludum)».

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