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1597. Carta familiar de Duarte Rodrigues Braço de Ouro, mercador, para a sua tia, Maior Francesa.

Autor(es) Duarte Rodrigues Braço de Ouro      
Destinatario(s) Maior Francesa      
In English

Request letter from Duarte Rodrigues Braço de Ouro, a merchant, to his aunt, Maior Francesa.

The author writes from Bordeaux to Lisbon asking his aunt to send him a shipment of gems (diamonds, rubis and pearls) for him to sell. He promises to pay her back because he is his father's son.

A New Christian, Simão Rodrigues, was arrested when he went from Bordeaux to Lisbon. The letters he had brought from Bordeaux, sent by another New Christian, the merchant Duarte Rodrigues, were ceased by the Inquisition.

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