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[1760-1769]. Carta de Joaquim da Silva Freire, bacharel formado em leis, para dona Ana Teresa da Conceição.

Autor(es) Joaquim da Silva Freire      
Destinatário(s) D. Ana Teresa da Conceição      
In English

Love letter written by a bachelor in Law, Joaquim da Silva Freire, to her beloved, Dona Ana Teresa da Conceição.

The author confesses his love and complains about the way she makes him suffer, either voluntarily, or because of her mother, he doesn't know. He alludes to his astute way of getting near her by impersonating an Inquisition official.

In January 1761 the Inquisition learned that a group of men, identifying themselves as Inquisition officials, were inspecting several houses, interrogating the inhabitants and seizing their property. Joaquim da Silva Freire, a bachelor in Law and the son of a High Court judge, was arrested. He confessed he had forged the necessary papers guided by authentic documents kept by his father. He gave the excuse of wanting just to pass a love letter to a woman: if he was to be taken for an Inquisition official, he could give her the love letter disguised as a notification.

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