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1710. Carta de Bartolomé de Toledo Ramírez de Arellano, marqués de Gelo, para fray Alonso de Puga y Parcero.

Author(s) Bartolomé de Toledo Ramírez de Arellano      
Addressee(s) Alonso de Puga y Parrero      
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Letter from Bartolomé de Toledo Ramírez de Arellano, marquis of Gelo, to Fray Alonso de Puga y Parcero.

The author asks Fray Alonso to inform him about the state of the inheritance and lets him know about the difficulties he has faced and is still facing regarding the aforementioned inheritance.

Around 1709, the Royal Justice Palace of Seville intervened in the case of the marquise of Gelo´s sharing of goods. Following this case other problems regarding the estate and inheriting of Gelo lied ahead. The Gelo estate comprised lands, olive trees plantations, windmills and other properties. First of all, the marquis of Gelo had to face the seizure of these properties due to the debts owed to the Crown after being granted with the title in 1701. Likewise, the marquesses´ son-in-law, Hermenegildo Hurtado de Mendoza, married to Catalina Ramírez de Arellano, was affected by the seizure and sued his father-in-law for some leases carried out in the estate. Hermenegildo Hurtado de Mendoza considered that thanks to his intervening the aforementioned leases were not so ruinous. As the trial took place, the family´s correspondence regarding the hacienda´s details was provided to the proceeding documentation. The trial is incomplete.

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