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[1818]. Carta de Antónia Rosa, presa, para José Luís da Silva, negociante.

Autor(es) Antónia Rosa      
Destinatario(s) José Luís da Silva      
In English

Private letter from Antónia Rosa, prisoner, to José Luís da Silva, tradesman

The author tries to convince the recipient to meet her, in order to talk about an impending danger.

António Silvestre Alvarez, his sister Antónia Rosa and José Luís da Silva, a tradesman, were accused of manufacturing counterfeit currency. The letters written by Antónia Rosa were addressed to José Luís da Silva and were found with one of the defendants.


Perhaps you’ll find quite reparable the fact that I take this fragile quill to write my weak impressions, directing them to your tender heart, so it can be of some help in the misery that is to come to your poor daughter, who prefers losing her life rather than the company of such an affectionate father. Perhaps you don’t know my handwriting, so I’ll reveal you my identity. I’m the daughter of João António and Gertrudes dos Prazeres, their oldest daughter, whose name is Antónia Rosa and who promises, under oath, to tell you a secret that might save your life. However, you must do me this favour: come here around ten o’clock in the morning or four o’clock in the afternoon. I hope you’re so merciful not to miss the meeting. The reason is that I’ll be alone and we can talk at ease, according to my will and yours. Don’t fail me; I hope to meet you and I wish you well,

Antónia Rosa»

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o eu Pegar nesta debli pena para
lavrar com ella as minhas fracas
Espreçoes enclinandoas para a
parte do seu terno Coração para
Valer a huma enfliscidade q
vai acontecer a huma disgra
cada filha q antes quer per
der a vida do q a companhia de
hum Pai Estremozo
talvez q a sua
Pesoa não Conhesa a minha pena
letra pois eu lhe vou a declarar
quem sou, sou filha de João Anto
nio e de Getrudes dos prazeres
a filha mai velha Cujo nome he Anto
nia Roza; a qual promete debaxo
hum joramento, declararlhe
hum segredo q talvez lhe sirva
de resgatar a sua vida mas a de fa
zer-me o favor de vir oje pellas dez

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